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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  February 18, 2011 1:00pm-2:00pm EST

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ouster. and today deep concerns from president obama moments ago aboardair force one as reports of more bloodshed in bahrain emerge. security forces opened fire on thousands defying a government crackdown in the capital city. we've got live reports coming from the region. plus, call him the new sheriff on capitol hill. he takes aim at some sweetheart loans for congress. oversight committee chair darryl issa will join us light. and the fight over spending cuts led one member of congress to make a very personal revelation. plus "hardball's" chris matthews takes us behind the clinton phenomenon. >> when i was leaving the white house, i thought of myself as a guy who had been let's say a star quarterback in the nfl. >> good day, everybody. i'm norah o'donnell live in washington. andrea mitchell is off today, and we begin with the big story in wisconsin where tens of
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thousands of protesters are accusing the republican governor, mr. walker, of trying to balance the budget on the backs of state workers, raising health care and pension costs. in addition, protesters accuse the governor of union-busting by trying to end collective bargaining rights. so many teachers skipped work to attend the protests, but get this. multiple districts shut down again today. this marks the third straight day for some of those schools, and state republicans want to vote now, but many democrats are boycotting, and some have even fled the state to avoid a vote. well, today the party's assembly leader said the democrats would fight, quote, to the bitter end. nbc's john yang is live in madison, wisconsin. john, what a story there. there's certainly a great deal of anger. >> reporter: there is. it's a remarkable scene right now. you can see the rally is getting into the speaking phase here on the lawn of the state capitol
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and inside the capitol is a more amazing scene. the rotunda is filled with thousands of people cheering and chanting as the state asbly, the lower chamber of the state legislature, is actually trying to be in session. they are unlikely to take up the budget bill today, even though they don't -- they have a much larger majority in the assembly than they do in the senate. of course, in the senate the democrats have left, left not only the capitol but left the state because they are denying the republicans a quorum that they need to vote on this bill. the major piece of this bill that's causing the greatest controversy is exactly what you said, the air tempt by the governor to increase the amount of money that state workers pay for their pensions and states pay for health care insurance. in order to do that, he's got to strip it out of collective bargaining, so he's reducing collective bargaining for state
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workers to just wages, wages alone. nothing about pensions, nothing about health care, nothing about work conditions, and this is likely to go on through the weekend and into next week. norah? >> john yang there with this big story and, of course, thousands of teachers are among those protesters that you see behind john. many that at least 16 districts closed today due to lack of state. this morning "the washington state journal" ran an editorial saying, quote, school teachers shouldn't walk out on their students and community. their absence is hurting the cause. clay barb sert state government reporter for "the wisconsin state journal." clay, good to see you. i know there's some that think this is a travesty for the schoolchildren of that state, but these teachers are talking about their pensions and they are worried about having to pay more for their health care costs, right? >> reporter: yes, yes. they are struggling with this issue right now. it really does come down to their right to collectively bargain, for most of these
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teachers. >> clay, how much -- >> reporter: i can -- >> how much given what the republican governor wants to do, how much would that save the state? is he saying that it's crucial in terms of the budget there in that state? >> reporter: it's unclear right now. i mean, the governor says he needs to save about $137 million just for this particular budget, not going forward, but the problem is there's different ways to parse those numbers. the democrats say that actually he's exaggerated the numbers. >> yeah. so what's your sense of that? you're the reporter out there. i know there's a democratic state senator who said today it's not about the money, that this is really about the unions' bargaining right, and that this is just the republican governor taking advantage of a budget situation and trying to break the unions with this. what is it about?
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>> reporter: yeah. it's -- i think -- i think you could definitely say that it's more about weakening the unions in this state. the governor has put several pieces of legislation in this budget repair bill to specifically weaken the unions, so -- so i don't think there's any disagreement there, but as you can tell from the crowd and from the unions that are -- they are bringing people from out of state in to fight this. they sort of feel like this is the firewall. they have got to fight it here, or they are going to be fighting it in ohio, new york, new jersey, tennessee, michigan, so it really does come down to collective bargaining for most of these people. >> clay barbour setting up what could be a very scary situation for a number of people and a number of states. thanks very much. president obama due in portland, oregon, any minute now. on air force one set to land.
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he's cautioning the nation not to vilify public employees. white house spokesman jay carney echoed the president calling the republicans' proposed bill an attack on the unions. >> what he seize happening in wisconsin, making it harder for public employees to collectively bargain, seems more like an assault on unions, and he doesn't see that as a good thing. >> nbc's mike viqueira is live at the white house, and mike, let's talk about the political importance of wisconsin in a moment, but first it appears that the president's political team is helping some of those public employees and unions out in wisconsin. tell us about that. >> reporter: well, that's right. you brought up the political situation, the terrain there in wisconsin. wisconsin, like many other states in this past election cycle went heavily republican. in the statehouse there were a number of long-term democrats in congress, like david obey, who
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decided to retire. obviously, the governor now is a republican, but the president won wisconsin with 56% of the vote. john kerry won, it squeaked it out before that. so it has been democratic territory, but now, two years later, everything has turned. the president during the 2008 campaign, you've heard of organizing for america, of course, norah. this was the grass roots organization, primarily young people getting involved for the first time perhaps in the political process, going out and knocking on doors, using social network and making phone calls, getting voters out, getting people motivated, getting themselves motivated. that was brought in after the election, ofa has been referred to, into the dnc, the democratic national party here in washington, and we're told there's a local volunteer effort of a lot of these people here on the ground in wisconsin. obviously this is something that's a very delicate situation. you don't want to be seen as coming in from outside. they are emphasizing that this is a local effort, a volunteer effort. you don't want to characterize
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this as overtly partisan as being led by democrats in washington, though obviously there's a partisan element to that. the president is wheels down at this moment in portland, oregon, part of his education and innovation agenda. he just got there a few minutes ago. jay carney once again telling reporters aboard the plane moments ago that the president understands the need to cut spending, but it doesn't need to be an assault on collective bargaining for public unions. norah? >> interesting point, mike. let me just read speaker boehner on all this saying republicans in congress and reform-minded gop governors like scott walker are daring to speak the truth about the dire fiscal challenges. i'm disappointed that instead of providing similar leadership from the white house, the president has chosen to attack leaders such as governor walker who are listening to the people and confronting problems that have been neglected for years at the expense of jobs and economic growth. mike, i have to tell you, i mean, we have got a crisis in this country. america is broke, not just on the federal level but on the
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state levels, and we've got a government shutdown being talked about on capitol hill. you have in the states protesters and riots, and it's not just going to be in wisconsin. it's going to be in ohio and iowa and other states. i think this is a huge story. >> well, there's no question, and people are really just starting to get their arms around it. no one is disputing, norah, here in washington at least, the need to cut spending and the need to shrink the size of government. nobody wants to go the way, not to overstate the case of greece and ireland, and set off a worldwide economic catastrophe, but there are efforts here to compare, okay. the democrats say, look at our spending. look at their spending, what republicans want to do. you're right. that march 4th deadline. the government runs out of money. doesn't seem to be a lot of wiggle room on either side at this point. >> all right, mike viqueira live from what is a beautiful day here in washington. good to see you. >> you, too. >> and tonight ed schultz reports live from madison, wisconsin. don't miss "the ed show" at
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10:00 eastern only right here on msnbc. up next, some call him the tough new sheriff on capitol hill. oversight committee chair darryl i darrylissa joins us and republicans take aim at planned parenthood. a stunning revelation from a female member of congress. this is "andrea mitchell reports" only here on msnbc. she felt lost... until the combination of three good probiotics in phillips' colon health defended against the bad gas, diarrhea and constipation. ...and? it helped balance her colon. oh, now that's the best part. i love your work. [ female announcer ] phillips' colon health.
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congressman darrell issa is wielding his subpoena power as the first time as the chairman of the government oversight and reform committee. his target, the new defunct countrywide financial. issa wants to know which elected officials may have benefitted from the company's v.i.p.
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products. chairman, thanks so much for joining me on. >> thanks for having me on and thanks so much for covering this important effort to try to get to the bottom of one of the most corrosive parts, if you will, of the process that led to trillions of dollars of home owner value being lost. >> all right. so who on capitol hill got the sweetheart deals? >> well, it wasn't just capitol hill. angelo malzieu's program went to people of fannie and freddie and to the senate and the house and lots of staff members. he wanted to be liked by people who could write legislation and turn the other way as bad loans were being dumped on to the american people at freddie and fannie >> i know you've said that you have no plans to go after with this investigation current or former members of congress, but then what's the point of this? what's the point in discovering whether -- who god these sweetheart deals? i mean, isn't it relevant if
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some lawmakers got these special deals from countrywide? >> norah, it may be relevant but it's not my job. my job is really to look at distortions in the process, in other words, government oversight and reform. if we need reform so the next time somebody pulls a friends of angelo they either go to jail or in some other way can be stopped, that's my job, and getting to the bottom of this at a time when angelo mazillo is sitting free with his millions, tells me that i've got to find a way to make sure this doesn't happen again. we'll do the discovery. if the justice department finds a crime, that's their decision. if the ethics committees find wrongdoing, that will be theirs, but for the most part the people we're talking about that were influenced, they have left government. angelo mazillo's company is gone, but we still don't have a clear path to make sure that it doesn't happen again. >> congressman, you chair a unique committee up on capitol hill. you have subpoena power, the
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ability to investigate, and i know you've talked about investigating everything from wikileaks, to afghan aid, to fannie mae, to the stimulus program and the bank bailout, all of it. let me ask you something about what you said on rush limbaugh's program of president obama. he's been one of the most corrupt presidents in modern times. what did you mean? >> well, first of all, i walked back from that very quickly as a misstatement. the corrosive or corrupting influence of loose money in washington delivered by a congress that literally delivered the stimulus and the t.a.r.p. with no strings, both to president bush and president obama, is something that's got to change. what i said or meant to say there and very quickly made sure i made a public statement as to what i really meant was that we've got to stop having loose money of the american people. we've got to nail it down to exact. got to end earmarks whether they come from members of congress of the administration. you know, right now this cr, we were not able to get a study on
1:17 pm
the effects of malt liquor in combination with marijuana out of there, as we need to study whether or not that's bad. there are so many things that are still being spent at a time when we're borrowing $12.6 trillion this year. everyone is following wisconsin. we're having a hard time taking 7% of the deficit out of cr, and it's keeping us here day after day just trying to cut that small amount. we've got to stop thinking that the money belongs to washington. we've got to get to where it belongs to the people and we're overspending it. >> congressman, all due respect i know and we all know that congress is probably not going to meet their deadline again to get worked on on last year's budget so there may be a government shutdown, but you're talking about cuts in menopause, research for menopause, condoms, malt liquor, video games. i mean, with all due respect, you well know that is not the cause of our budget problems and
1:18 pm
our budget deficit. >> well, you know, you and i have known each other about 12 years, and in those 12 years we've gone from having a budget surplus to a deficit so everything that's been added should be the first to be looked at and yes, social security and medicare will have to be tackled, and we've said we'll tackle it, really tough tackling, including reducing benefits for future generations, increasing revenues. all of that is on the table, but right now we have a cr in which people are still acting like it's business as usual, that these things need to simply be passed because we've been doing them. yes, i'm only talking about millions there, but i'm also talking about half a billion dollars a year when the president said he was going to freeze federal pay and then didn't freeze what are called step increases which are automatic, which by the way, everyone else would call pay increases so i've got an amendment that saves half a billion in the current seven months and save over $10 billion over ten years. there are real dollars that we can take out of today's
1:19 pm
spending, and yes, we are going to deliver to the president a spending bill on time so -- before march 10th. he has his money for the rest of the year, and then we're going to work very hard on having a bipartisan budget that respects the president's initiatives and respects the reality of how much money the american people are willing to be taxed for runaway government spending. >> all right. congressman darrell issa, i wish we had more time. good to sigh. that's right, we have known each other for 12 years. interviewed you first when you ran for congress, and i was a reporter for roll call. good to see you again and thanks so much. we'll in touch. >> thank you. nice to remember. and breaking news. we just learned that democratic senator jeff bingeaman of new mexico will not run in 2012. he joins three senate retirees, a whole list, including kay bailey huchsion, kent conrad,
1:20 pm
joe lieberman, jim webb and jon kyl. democrats are confident they will keep the senate seat in new mexico, but can you bet that's going to be a big battleground there in that state. up next, sarah palin takes on first lady michelle obama. wait until you hear the issue. you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. the founder of this store believes in a test and learn approach. a panel medical experts test her products designed to promote brain health and that process has spurred expansion to eight stores. for more watch "your business" sunday mornings at 7:30 on msnbc. you a sharper trader? mine can. td ameritrade can. they've got trading specialists i can call for help. and paper trading. free practice trading that helps me hone my technique. complex options. and free tutorials. online or in person.
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nfrt. it's not surprising that michele bachmann and sarah palin are lining up on the opposite side of the white house, it's a little stranger that the issue they are railing about is breastfeeding. first bachmann with five bhi logical children and has fostered 23 more has mocked the first lady to get mothers to breastfeed their children accusing michelle obama of trying to implement the ultimate nanny state and yesterday sarah palin chimed in. >> asking any mom out there buying cases of diapers, still, all these years laters and a can of formulas milk for the baby, it's no wonder michelle obama is
1:24 pm
telling everybody you better breastfeed your babies because i'm -- yeah, you better, because the price of milk is so high right now. >> jean cummings is assistant managing editor for politico and joins us now. good to see you. i think we need to set the record straight on what's happened which is that the irs just last thursday designated that costs for breast pumps and supplies that assist in lactation are medical care and are now eligible for tax breaks, just like penal pumps are eligible for tax cuts and we know the first lady has encouraged breastfeeding in the past. what do you make of this disagreement going on between sarah palin and michele bachmann critiquing the first lady? >> well, i think it appears as though what they like most of all is the metaphor of a nanny state, that that's a good line in a speech and it gets a good laugh and a rise from the audience. as to whether, you know, these two women are serious about
1:25 pm
running for president and these are the kinds of issues that they are really going to attach themselves to, it seems a little diminishing, but i really think what they love is just the fet afor. >> the east wing of the white house which is where the first lady's office has responded, her communications director saying, quote, breastfeeding is a very personal choice for every woman. we are trying to make it easier for those who choose to do it. again, this was a classification by the irs making breast pumps now eligible for tax breaks. but it is -- don't you think it's interesting that there are females on the right that have chosen to attack michelle obama for running a nanny state in this is not the first time sarah palin has criticized michelle obama, has said that she would take away her s'mores and chocolate when she's been out camping? what's with the attacks on the first lady? does it play with the base on the republican side? >> well, it may play with the base. i'm -- i just feel like if
1:26 pm
you're going to run for president, then you act like a president and you talk about presidential issues. these are not presidential issues. these are issues that the first lady has taken up. this is part of her obesity initiative. one of the points that she tried to make in regard to breastfeeding was to point out that studies, medical studies that shown that women who breastfeed their babies, those babies ultimately are less at risk for obesity, and so it ties into her obesity campaign. it's not as if the first lady is out there insisting, requiring, prodding, pushing women to do it. she was just trying to make a healthy choice point. >> exactly. jeanne cummings with politico, good to see you. thanks so much. appreciate it. >> thank you. and up next, the unrest intensifies in bahrain where security forces have opened fire on protesters for a second day. and budget battle.
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topping the headlines on "andrea mitchell reports," the nation's airlines are rolling back fare increases just days after announcing ticket prices were going up as much as $120 per round trip. most domestic carriers now say they are going to keep the prices at the current rates. and usc university hospital in california has voluntarily shut down its kidney transplant program after the wrong kidney was transplanted into a patient. the mix-up happened when two kidneys from separate donors arrived at the same time. fortunately the patient who got the wrong kidney was not harmed because the donor had a universally accepted blood type. a veteran tucson fire fighter has retired rather than face disciplinary action rather than responding to the shooting
1:31 pm
last month that killed six people and injured congresswoman gabrielle giffords. he had originally cited political rears. hundreds of thousands remain in tahrir square to mark one week since president mubarak left. it's a celebration and a powerful message to military leaders that the opposition is as powerful as every. nbc's stephanie gosk is live for us in cairo. stephanie, wow, you can hear the crowds there. >> reporter: yeah, you know, this party really kicked off when the sun went down. it's been a steady stream of fireworks and music and dancing and flags waving, chanting. but this isn't just a celebration. this is a celebration, as you said, with a message and it's a message to the military in control of this country. the message is this these people can come out here any time that they want in these numbers, and they have demands that have yet to be met, amongst them that there is a cabinet in place here that was put in place by hosni
1:32 pm
mubarak. they want it replaced. there are political prisoners they want released and emergency law lifted here, and they will continue to demand it. >> all right. stephanie gosk there in cairo. stephanie, thank you. there is new bloodshed in the tiny kingdom of bahrain where security forces reportedly fired live ammunition into crowds of protesters in an attempt to break up massive anti-government demonstrations. just moments ago aboard air force one white house press secretary jay carney said the president is deeply concerned about this escalating violence and called on the government to show restraint. the "new york times" nicholas kristof joins us now by phone. thank you for joining us. what is the situation there now? >> well, it's night and it is what calmer now, but the -- but what happened was you had a peaceful march of protesters.
1:33 pm
most of them young, nervous, very gingerly approaching the pearl roundabout that had been the center of the democracy movement earlier, and as they approached without any kind of warning, without even fusillade of tear gas, troops opened fire on them and -- and they -- then ambulance drivers who were sent to rescue them in some cases were detained or blocked from taking the casualties back to the hospital. the -- there are -- the hospital immediately filled up with injuries. all kinds of injuries, head wounds, body wounds. i saw a young teenage girl who had some kind of blunt trauma to the chest, maybe beaten, and there is a call for emergency
1:34 pm
blood. i mean, it's -- i think it again just really shocked people that this could happen in a modern banking center like bahrain. >> a modern banking center as you point out, also home of the u.s. navy's fifth fleet, an important ally to the united states, and yet, nicholas, this is a very angry populace. we heard the secretary of state hillary clinton just yesterday urging bahrain to use restraint and to keep its promise to hold accountable those who have used excessive force. what's your greatest worry though, nicholas, that this will escalate even further? what might come next? >> well, i mean, king hamad has seemed to have decided to use whatever degree of lethal force is necessary to suppress the protests, and the protesters are just outraged when they see these, you know, broken bodies
1:35 pm
come -- come back. it just magnifies the fury that people feel and there are indeed going to be funerals. i was at funerals today for some of the pre-democracy protesters killed earlier, and at least now in the next couple of days there will be more funerals for these people, and each of these funerals is a flashpoint and it now, you know, seems that the army and police are just perfectly willing to open fire on unarmed, peaceful civilians. >> all right. nicholas kristof there in bahrain. stay safe and thank you for your reporting. we appreciate it. we should note across the middle east today, anti-government protesters were met with violence as leaders sought to crush political opposition. in libya, soldiers have been sent out to break up demonstrations challenging longtime leader moammar gadhafi. at least two dozen protesters have been killed in the crackdown there. in yemen, riot police used tear gas and gunfire to break up crowds in several major cities, including the capital. at least two people were killed
1:36 pm
today, the ninth straight day of protests there. thousands are demanding that president saleh step down and in jordan eruptions between pro-and anti-government factions. protesters are calling for cabinet elections trying to break the king's hold on absolutely power. unbelievable. we've got a budget show dunne on capitol hill. even as we watch the house floor now. we can show you live pictures. they are debating 400 plus amendments to this year's spending bill. they are all being debated on. we've heard from an aide to democratic leader nancy pelosi who says a government shutdown is now more likely than. no one controversial amendment, among these 400 being debate, is by republican mike pence, and it would cut all federal funding to planned parenthood. debate got very personal last night when a congresswoman revealed she had once had a medical abortion.
1:37 pm
>> that procedure that you just talk about was a procedure that i endured. i lost a baby but for you to stand on this floor and to suggest, as you have, that somehow this is a procedure that is either welcomed or done cavalierly or done without any thought is preposterous. >> with us now, msnbc political analyst pat buchanan and cynthia tucker, a political columnist for "the atlanta journal constitution." cynthia, we've seen the debate on the floor of the house, been heated in history. i don't remember an instance like this where a congresswoman has talked about her own medical situation, having to have a medical abortion. she just tweet that had she's been overwhelmed by the warm comments that she's received and says that she will always stand up for women's health and
1:38 pm
reproductive rights. suffice it to say that everyone on the house floor got completely silent when she talked about this. but this is real. republicans want to cut planned parenthood. >> it is very real, norah, and how powerful it is to have an advocate for reproductive rights stand up and tell her own story and chastise mike pence for something he doesn't know anything about. this is an issue that's always a little closer for women than it is for men, and pro-life anti-abortion advocates always talk about abortion in the case of women's health as if it's just an excuse. a woman's life isn't really threatened. well, the simple fact of the matter, as she testified, she wanted the child, but she had medical issues and had to have the abortion, and i thought it was very powerful. >> pat, i think there's a missed conception that planned parenthood only provides people abortion advice.
1:39 pm
they also give contraceptive advice and different kinds of advice, planned parenthood does. let me ask you about this. you get the budget. aren't these proposals about cutting, you know, tens of millions here and tens of millions there, aren't they a huge distraction from what's the real budget crisis. >> down the road you've got to deal with the entitlements and deal with the american empire abroad and got to deal with defense but let me talk to the abortion issue. you heard her words. she said i lost my baby. in other words, i had a baby and i lost it. that is what conservatives believe, that these babies, these are human beings, and they have a compromise in the congress called the hyde amendment whereby people who believe it's legitimate to go ahead and do away with the fetus or an unborn baby for whatever reason, that that's moral and okay and there are those of us who believe this is killing an innocent human being, and the compromise in the hyde amendment is don't make us pay a dime for the killing of an unborn child. >> right, but in her case she -- >> let's talk about planned
1:40 pm
parenthood now. you're correct. they do do counseling for birth control and all the rest it. that's sort of how it started, margaret sanger and all the rest of them. however, they do abortions and what conservatives say, well, that's for the birth control side of it and the abortions are over here and they say eliminate the funding. let the private sector deal with that. >> well, look, if planned parenthood funding is eliminated, you would have a lot less in terms of health services for women because they do health services across the board, and all those people who want fewer abortions to be happy to support contraceptive services, that's the way to lower the abortion rate. >> i want to play this sound on the hill about this because it got heated between two other members of congress, paul brown, a republican and gwen moore, a democrat. listen. >> we treat green turtle eggs better than we treat human being babies in the womb there are
1:41 pm
more black babies killed today through abortion than there are white babies or any other colored babies. >> i know a lot about black babies. i've had three of them. i had my first baby at the ripe old age of 18, an unplanned pregnancy. the public policy has treated poor children and women who have not had the benefit of planned parenthood with utter contempt. >> this is our nation's congress, and yet today, pat, we hear that two weeks away they are not going to meet deadline. are we going to have a government shutdown? >> i don't think so. i think what the house is going to do. they are going to vote their bill and send it over to the senate which is going to reject a lot what have they did. you'll get a compromised bill that will go to the president. my guess is the president of the united states will sign it. but let me say about planned parenthood. you know that scandal up in new jersey. maybe it's an exception but there was a woman there at planned parenthood advising this guy who is bringing in underaged girls for prostitution on how they can have abortions and all
1:42 pm
the rest of it. there's appalling scandals there and if we're going to cut anywhere, why not start there. >> the so-called scandal was another edited video from conservatives who are trying to embarrass planned parenthood, but let me just say the gentleman on the floor of the conservative talking about black babies was paul broun of georgia, there's nothing on his voting record that he cares anything about black babies once they are born. >> a hot debate certainly, and up next chris matthews is going to take us behind the scenes with former president bill clinton. he's got an amazing new "hardball" documentary. i'm robert shapiro. over a million people have discovered how easy it is to use legalzoom for important legal documents. so start your business,
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call now to get the latest issue of our award-winning magazine absolutely free and discover the best of what's next. monday is president's day and msnbc is debuting a new documentary on president bill clinton's life since leaving the white house. "hardball's" chris matthews gained exclusive access to the president during his recent trip to ireland for "president of the world, the bill clinton phenomenon." >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the 42nd president of the united states, william jefferson clinton. >> i look out beyond the world leaders, and i see barbra streisand and james brolin and i see geena davis who played a better president than i did, and i never thought in my lifetime i would be on the stage and the
1:47 pm
rolling stones would be watching me perform so thank you, mick jagger and thank you, ronny wood. >> clinton moves at a whirlwind payments i spent a week with him in the fall of 2010 trying to keep up, and propelling his global effort is just one part of what he does. it's election season, and his party needs him. bill clinton can't resist the call of the campaign stump. >> hello. >> it's what he was born for. >> the great thing about being a former president, you can say whatever you want. and -- and, of course, the bad thing is nobody really cares anymore, but can you say it. >> hardly. millions care what this former president has to say >> i think in his post-presidential phase, his legacy is in the power of his personality and the example he sets, of somebody being willing to persevere. he is tan one of the most consequential ex-presidencies that we've seen.
1:48 pm
>> "hardball" host chris matthews joins us now. chris, congratulations, an amazing documentary. i'm looking forward to seeing the whole hour. what do you think the headline is people may have missed about what bill clinton has been doing? >> wow, that's the headline, wow. nobody in the history of the world has ever done anything like this. no one has ever been president of the world, someone who can go into any country and be bigger than the president of that country, a bigger star, more excitement, just by showing up. it's the wow factor. i had the idea for this documentary from years ago seeing a documentary on bob dylan called "don't look back" where it's constantly moving. it doesn't slow down. that's what the producers have been able to do here is to show this man in action. it is a phenomenon, and that's what it is. i've never seen anything like this in the history of the country. jimmy carter did good after he left the presidency. other presidents have done some nice things. this guy has become a worldwide global leader since being president. >> and when you think the
1:49 pm
history of bill clinton is written, chris, he's now been out of office longer than he was president, how does it rank? his role as president of the world, his role as president of the united states, or the president who was impeached? >> well, clearly i think that the last ten years, i'm glad you put the numbers together, because ten years is a long time. he came out of the presidency at an incredibly young age. i think that's what separates him from anyone before. coming out of presidency at the age of 54 with a lot of life left in him, a lot of juice, if you will, a lot of gung-ho activity in him, and his world connections. i think overseas i think he's a much bigger deal now than he was as president because he shows up so much and because he's so much involved with african aids problems and other diseases, and the whole problem in south asia. there are parts of the world where i think his presence is stronger now than when he was presence to answer that. here at home, this is a story that americans have to say. i don't think the americans are
1:50 pm
aware of what a big deal bill has been, bill clinton, since being president. >> no doubt, and chris, certainly the clinton global initiative has done a lot around the world for women and girls and the empowerment of women and girls around the world. chris, look forward to seeing your incredible special on monday night what. time again? >> 10:00 eastern. get yourout. this is fun. this is good news, for most people. they're going to love this show. >> absolutely. thanks, chris matthews, making history with the documentary "president of the world." don't miss this. monday night 10:00 eastern on msnbc. [ male announcer ] capri sun roarin' waters
1:51 pm
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breaking news. let's bring in chris cillizza who broke the story that senator binghamton of new mexico retiring. this is big. another democrat. >> four democrats now, norah. this is one that's kind of surprising. you know, bingeaman said, like
1:54 pm
many senators say, i'm going to make up my mind. he's been raising money, putting the staff together, that would suggest he's running. new mexico is a state barack obama won by 15 votes. the numbers are hard for democrats. 23 democratic seats up, 10 republican seats up. so they now already have four retirements including new mexico, including north dakota, virginia, closer to us here. none of those are going to be easy to hold in a playing field that's getting broader by the day. >> bottom line, does this make it more likely that republicans will control the senate after 2012? and what does that mean for president obama? >> i don't know that you can put republicans as the favorite in new mexico, but i think you have to look at it broadly and say there's a lot of republican opportunities here. nebraska, where ben nelson, a democrat running, maybe pennsylvania, michigan, ohio. it broadens the playing field. the broader the playing field
1:55 pm
better the chance republicans have of picking it up about if president obama gets re-elected, i'm sure he'd take that. if he has a democrat controlled senate, it's like a friendly walk in a 75-degree weather. >> the committee put out a statement saying it speaks volumes about not only what happens happening in new mexico, virginia, once strong republican candidates came forward, the incumbent democratic senators announce their retirement. that is true? >> true in virginia. t not true in new mexico. this is a spin game. let's see what hashes out over the next two, three weeks who gets into the races and who doesn't. >> chris cillizza, great reporting. that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." i'm norah o'donnell. tamron hall has a look at what's next on "news nation." >> hi, norah. next hour, the latest on the
1:56 pm
stand-off over the budge net wisconsin. democratic lawmakers have fled the state. they will keep at it for weeks, if necessary. will the protests have a ripple effect in other states? ed schultz on the ground live in wisconsin and he's going to be my guest. a prestigious university announces it is cutting tuition by 10%. how can it afford to do this when so many other colleges and universities are increasing tuition? a look at it. good "news nation" gut check we've got coming up i male high school wrestler refuses to compete against a girl, he says, based on religious beliefs about women. should he have been eliminated or allowed to continue to another round? that's all moments away.hritis p . that's a coffee and two pills. the afternoon tour begins with more pain and more pills. the evening guests arrive. back to sore knees. back to more pills. the day is done but hang on... her doctor recommended aleve. just 2 pills can keep arthritis pain away all day
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